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A new study confirms: EMDR therapy can be done effectively online with remotEMDR

The research team led by Dr. Derek Farrell collaborated with the Universities of Worcester, Northumbria, Ulster, and Massachusetts. Dr. Farrell is a Principal Lecturer in Psychology at the University of Worcester (UK), the President of the EMDR UK & Ireland Board, President of Trauma Aid Europe, Co-Vice President of EMDR Europe Board, and Chair of the EMDR Europe Practice Committee.

The study's results are promising. To quote its summary: "the research results suggest VB2Tr EMDR therapy to be an effective, fit-for-purpose, safe-to-use trauma treatment intervention. Additionally, the results highlight its clinical relevance and applicability as a trauma intervention. Furthermore, the remotEMDR software provided a highly effective platform for delivering EMDR therapy as a VCP."

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