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President of EMDR invited to private audience with Pope Francis

EMDR Europe President Isabel Fernandez writes to members about her meeting with Pope Francis and his curiosity to learn more about humanitarian work with EMDR therapy around the world:

Dear colleagues, some weeks ago we got an invitation from Pope Francis, through his office, to attend one of his Audiences. The Pope had heard about EMDR Therapy by some testimonials in the Church and he knew about its effectiveness in the field of sexual abuse and mass disasters, mainly those where we had intervened with humanitarian programmes. He invited EMDR Italy Association to have a personal meeting to know us directly. The appointment was for Wednesday May 11th. The Italian EMDR Board was the delegation representing the Association. In the meeting I had the opportunity to talk with him about EMDR and the network of organizations around the world and how we contribute to give relief after traumatic and painful experiences. We gave him a present with one phrase of Francine Shapiro: “It is our duty to share the gift of an effective treatment”. He encouraged us to continue with our mission and to keep working with our professionalism and dedication. At the end he gave his blessing to the members of the Associations and to their families. This meeting will stay in the history of EMDR therapy as one of the most beautiful moments.

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